Katherine McFate Named Executive Director of OMB Watch

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May 2, 2011

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Katherine McFate Named Executive Director of OMB Watch

WASHINGTON, May 2, 2011—OMB Watch today announced Katherine McFate as its next executive director. McFate will succeed Gary D. Bass, the organization's founder and current executive director. She begins July 1.

McFate comes to OMB Watch from the Ford Foundation, where she has overseen work on building an effective and accountable government on the local, state, and federal levels. Prior to her time at the Ford Foundation, McFate worked at the Rockefeller Foundation and the Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies.

Paul Marchand, Chair of the OMB Watch Board of Directors, said, "On behalf of the Board, I'm delighted to announce this choice. Katherine's passion for an open, accountable government that promotes fairness, equity, and the public interest dovetails wonderfully with OMB Watch's mission and vision."

"I'm proud to be chosen to lead this unique and effective organization," said McFate. "Federal insiders have long valued OMB Watch for its ability to build broad coalitions and for its success in advancing more transparency in federal spending, more open and participatory government, better rulemaking, and more effective enforcement by our regulatory agencies." McFate added, "Under my leadership, OMB Watch will continue to provide the high-quality analysis and informed commentary that policymakers, the press, and the public have come to count on."

McFate continued, "I believe OMB Watch has a unique perspective on what it will take to build a more effective, accountable government that reflects the real priorities of the American people. It's important that we communicate our knowledge and values to audiences outside the Beltway. This will be a key priority as we move forward."

Bass, the organization's departing executive director, expressed support for McFate's selection and her vision for leading the organization into the future. "Katherine has a strong commitment to social justice and improving the way government operates," said Bass. "I've been most impressed by her ability to identify emerging issues and create smart strategies to address social problems. Her success in building collaborations between policy groups and grassroots organizers at the federal and state levels will serve her well at OMB Watch. I believe the Board chose well."

Both Marchand and Bass praised the OMB Watch Executive Director Transition Committee for its thorough and focused work in selecting the organization's next leader. Marchand said, "The Board and staff members of the Transition Committee are to be commended for their outstanding work on behalf of OMB Watch."

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