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CRS = Congressional Research Service

GAO = Government Accountability Office

NRC = National Research Council

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CRS: Electronic Rulemaking in the Federal Government (Oct, 2007)

GAO: Reexamining Regulations: Opportunities Exist to Improve Effectiveness and Transparency of Retrospective Reviews (July, 2007)

CRS: Federal Advisory Comittees: A Primer (Mar, 2007)

CRS: The Federal Rulemaking Process: An Overview (Feb, 2007)

CRS: Changes to the OMB Regulatory Review Process by Executive Order 13422 (Feb, 2007)

NRC: Scientific Review of the Proposed Risk Assessment Bulletin from the Office of Management and Budget (Jan, 2007)

GAO: Expanded Oversight and Clearer Guidance by the Office of Management and Budget Could Improve Agencies' Implementation of the [Information Quality] Act (Aug, 2006)

GAO: Congress Should Revisit and Clarify Elements of the [Regulatory Flexibility] Act to Improve Its Effectiveness (July, 2006)

GAO: Expanded Use of Key Dissemination Practices Would Further Safeguard the Integrity of Federal Statistical Data (May, 2006)

GAO: Perspectives on 10 Years of Congressional Review Act Implementation (Mar, 2006)

NRC: Valuing Health for Regulatory Cost-Effectiveness Analysis (2006)

GAO: Past Reviews and Emerging Trends Suggest Issues That Merit Congressional Attention (Nov, 2005)

GAO: OCC Preemption Rulemaking (Oct, 2005)

GAO: Prior Reviews of Federal Regulatory Process Initiatives Reveal Opportunities for Improvements (July, 2005)

GAO: Paperwork Reduction Act: New Approach May Be Needed to Reduce Government Burden on Public (May, 2005)

CRS: Reexamining Rules: Section 610 of the Regulatory Flexibility Act (Mar, 2005)

CRS: The Bush Administration's Program Assessment Rating Tool (PART) (Nov, 2004)

CRS: The Information Quality Act: OMB's Guidance and Initial Implementation (Aug, 2004)

CRS: Federal Rulemaking: The Role of the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs (May, 2004)

GAO: Unfunded Mandates: Analysis of Reform Act Coverage (May, 2004)

CRS: Federal Regulatory Reform: An Overview (Apr, 2004)

GAO: Federal Advisory Committees: Additional Guidance Could Help Agencies Better Ensure Independence and Balance (Apr, 2004)

GAO: OMB's Role in Reviews of Agencies' Draft Rules and the Transparency of Those Reviews (Sept, 2003)

GAO: Balancing Federal and State Responsibilities for Standard Setting and Implementation (Mar, 2002)

GAO: Compliance Guide Requirement Has Had Little Effect on Agency Practices (Dec, 2001)

GAO: Procedural and Analytical Requirements at OSHA and Other Agencies (June, 2001)

GAO: Implementation of Selected Agencies' Civil Penalty Relief Policies for Small Entities (Feb, 2001)

NRC: Implementing the Government Performance and Results Act for Research (2001)

GAO: Procedural and Analytical Requirements in Federal Rulemaking (June, 2000)

NRC: Strengthening Science at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency: Research-Management and Peer-Review Practices (2000)

GAO: Federalism: Implementation of Executive Order 12612 in the Rulemaking Process (May, 1999)

GAO: Implementation of Selected OMB Responsibilities Under the Paperwork Reduction Act (July, 1998)

GAO: Information on Costs, Cost-Effectiveness, and Mandated Deadlines for Regulations (Mar, 1995)

NRC: Risk Assessment in the Federal Government: Managing the Process (1983)




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