OMB Watch's 2011 Annual Report, Speaking Up for Government, highlights the important policy analysis we’re known for and the stories we tell about government. We are consistently working to remind Americans what their government does — or should do — to ensure the nation’s health and security and respond to the needs of everyday Americans.

In 2011, we:

  • Spoke up to defend public standards and protections. As a co-chair of the Coalition for Sensible Safeguards, we fought to maintain the rules and standards that protect our air, water, food, and workers' safety.
  • Spoke out against changes in the federal budget process that kept negotiations behind closed doors. We worked to keep the public informed of budget developments and the range of revenue options still available to policymakers.
  • Worked with the Obama administration to improve government openness and accountability. We worked with agencies to help them implement the Open Government Directive, advocated for the development of new, interactive websites, and encouraged more timely release of unclassified information.

At OMB Watch, we want more than good government. We want GREAT government — government that is responsive, effective, accountable, and transparent.

The 2011 Annual Report is available as a browser-based e-book and a PDF. Distributing the annual report in this way saves trees, energy, time, and financial resources.

OMB Watch Annual Report 2011 — PDF [2.7 MB file]

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